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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mushroom Palak Masala

Main Ingredient Mushroom and Palak


1. 10- 12 white mushrooms

2. Bunch of green palak

3. 1 – Big sized Onion ( finely chopped )

4. ½ cup ginger garlic paste

5. 2 Big size tomatoes ( chop them or make puree out of it )

6. 1 large cup Coconut Milk

7. Olive Oil : As per requirement

8. 2-3 tbsp. cream

9. Cilantro : handful

10. Salt : as per taste

Ingredients for Masala

Dry Long Chillies: 4-5

Coriander Seeds: 3- 4 tbsp

Black pepper seeds; 1 tbsp

Cloves: 1-2

Cinnamon: 1 -2 stick

Star anise:

Cardamom powder: pinch

(Fry above ingredients in a pan and make a fine powder)

Method to prepare

1. After washing palak chop them finely and keep aside

2. Slice the mushroom , wash& keep aside

3. Heat the pan and add the olive oil

4. Fry chopped onion, once it turn pink add ginger /garlic paste. Sauté until ginger garlic, onion are done.

5. now fry the sliced mushroom , add required water and close the lid,

6. After 6-8 minutes add the chopped green palak .

7. When both mushroom & palak are cooked softly, add tomatoes, coconut milk, masala powder and salt.

8. Close the lid , let it cook for 8-10 minutes

9. Before switching off the stove add the cream and garnish it with cilantro

Serve hot with roti, chapthi or with jeera rice


  1. rare and never tried combination..

  2. Hi Shilpa ,

    Mushroom and palak masala looks YYuummYY !!!

    Nice presentation:)

    Keep on Dear..

  3. very different combo....seems to be very healthy and delicious :)

  4. thanks all for such couraging comments

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