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Thursday, February 23, 2012


My today’s breakfast, innovative one but ……………when tasted ………….wow thank god innovation proved great wanted to share it with you all.
1. Beaten Rice : 1 cup ( wash & soak for 10 mints)
2. Flour : 1-2 cup
3. Suji ( rava )- semolina: ¼ cup ( for crispy dosa)
4. Green chillies : 1( finely chopped )
5. Coriander leaves : finely chopped
6. Grated coconut : 2 tbsp
7. Salt : as per taste
8. Oil : shallow fry
Grind the beaten rice and make a soft paste.
Add the flour to the beaten rice paste, mix well followed by adding suji, green chillies, coriander leave, coconut and salt.
Keep adding the water in order to bring the mixture into dosa batter consistency.
Now heat a non-stick taw and spread 1 tbsp of the batter on the whole of the pan.
Grease all the corners and then cook it on the other side also.
Put little water on the tawa and wipe it with a clean cloth before making each dosa.
Serve them hot with hot vegetable gravy or chutney

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dusky Prawns (finger licking)

Preparation for 2
(All item used are readily available at home and least time consuming)
Items Required:
1. prawns: ½ kg
2. Onion: 1 large
3. Ginger Garlic Paste: 2 tbsp
4. Turmeric Powder: ½ tbsp.
5. Black Pepper Powder: 2 tbsp
6. Salt: according to taste
7. Oil: 2 tbsp
8. Coriander leaves: to garnish

Way to cook:
Place a sauce pan over the stove in simmer flame and add the oil followed by thin sliced onion, when it turns pink add ginger garlic paste.
Fry for some time and now add the cleaned prawns.
When prawns half cooked add the salt, turmeric, black pepper powder.
Sauté until prawns is done completely and masala get the thick consistency.
Let the prawns and masala get mix well.
Turnoffs the stove flame& keep aside for some time and then you can serve it as appetizer.
Add the lemon juice if the dusky prawns are too spicy but don’t forget to garnish it with coriander.

cook with fun and do comment ..waiting to hear from you all